Gardens are a happy places, full of color, wonder and life. There is so much learning and exploring that can happen in a garden. Even the very youngest children can benefit.

In this packet, we include:
  • Benefits of gardening. (There are also corresponding social media posts that you can share on your own social media.)
  • Ideas for a sensory garden that incorporates all senses.
  • Ideas for inspiring AWE and an appreciation of G-d.
  • Some plants ideas.
  • Tips for keeping the garden safe.
  • Pictures of the planting cycle (including praying to G-d).
  • Printable posters of flowers by color (in Hebrew too).
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Gardening with Young Children

Includes: Ideas, Benefits, Safety tips and more

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Planting Images

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Planting Cards With Words

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Social Media Posts

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Editable Social Media Posts

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Flower Images

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Flower Images Sorted By Color

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