The Menorah Hunt

Great family fun this Chanukah – Covid friendly.

How it works

Find. Selfie. Tag.

“Find the menorah and take a selfie with it” - similar to a scavenger hunt, with the selfie element.

  • Find the Menorah. There are several posters of ‘Menorahs around the world’. These are set up around your space. Each family gets a different card of 3 menorahs to find (ie each family is looking for different 3).
  • Take a Selfie near the Menorah. When the family finds the poster with the Menorah, they should take a selfie near it.
  • Tag with your #hashtag. The family should then share it on social media with your specific hashtag (or share with you).

You can offer prizes/raffles for those who share the photos on social media.

Included in this packet

We provide the materials. You print locally.

  1. ‘Menorahs around the world’ posters. 15 in all
  2. The instruction for each participant
  3. The participant menorah hunt cards.

You will be able to customize (add your own hashtags, instructions, locations)

See Detailed MenorahHunt Instruction PDF Below

MenorahHunt Instructions

In this document the MenorahHunt is explained in detail. Learn what you need to do in preparation for the event and how to host it successfully. In addition we have included a couple variations for you to extend the fun.  

Preview Download

1. MenorahHunt Landmark Posters

Preview Download

2. MenorahHunt Cards

One for each participant

Preview Download

3. MenorahHunt Instructions - Poster

Preview Download

MenorahHunt Instructions

Cards Size 8.5x11 for each participant

Preview Download

MenorahHunt Instructions

Cards Size 4x6 for each participant

Preview Download