We believe … And so we …

At the Kinus event 5770, we had an exercise where Preschool Directors shared their beliefs about preschool and how those guide their practice. It was worded as “We believe… and so we …” There were 5 categories in which worked through our beliefs and practices.
  1. What our school believes about children
  2. What our school believes is the role of preschool in a child’s life
  3. What our school believes is the role of preschool in the family’s Jewishness
  4. What our school believes is the role of the Director in the school
  5. What our school believes is the primary objective(s) of a Chabad preschool.
This led to many interesting thought provoking discussions and reflections, as directors really thought about how (and if) their practices, activities and procedures are indeed aligned with what they say they are doing, and what they believe about the purpose of their Preschools. This is an interesting exercise to do periodically – yourself, with other key stakeholders and with your staff. Do not read the insights shared by the Shluchos until you have done this exercise on your own. Once you have truly dedicated some time and thought to these questions, you can look at what others believe and do, and get inspiration and ideas that you can implement into your overall school program. Another way this exercise can be done is to look at your practices and see what they reflect about your school vision. Are they indeed aligned and inspired by the stated school vision? Are some sort of random, and do not strengthen and enhance what you are hoping to accomplish with the children and their families. (If you do not yet have a clear school vision, that is another exercise that should be done as soon as you have time to really dedicate to it.)

We Believe

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